Our mission is to promote and advance the profession of podiatric medicine, to establish protocols for the continuous improvement in the quality of the patient experience and to advance the competencies of our members and the care of our patients.

What is Podiatry?

The Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defines Podiatry as: “the specialized field that deals with the study and care of the foot, including its anatomy, pathology, medical and surgical treatment, etc.”

Or even more brief is the definition offered by Merriam Webster: “the medical care and treatment of the human foot”.

What are Podiatrists?

Podiatrists are primary care providers, which means they do not require a referral and are qualified to examine, assess, diagnose treat and refer on to other primary care providers for further diagnostics and specialist attention.
Our members work in a variety of settings including: private clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. We serve many governmental agencies as consultants and clinicians as well as the general public. In the absence of legislative regulation for podiatry, the term “Dr.” is used only followed by the title “podiatry” or “podiatrist” which reflects the practice in regulated provinces. The NSPA has the same competency and credential requirements as the majority of provinces across Canada for membership. This ensures that when the public seek treatment from a member of the NSPA they are being seen by appropriately trained individuals.

Among the primary aims of the association is the establishment of provincial regulation for the profession. This will provide assurance to the public that practitioners meet a specific educational standard and abides by ethics and bye-laws including; insurance and continuing medical education requirements.

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